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Decker tools needed? How do they work?

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This is a question dump, fairly warned.

Table is entirely new to shadowrun.

One of the players wants to play a decker.

I'm getting a bit thrown about trying to figure out what goes where.

Could you please explain all of the interfaces and matrix gadgets and gizmos a decker needs and why? If you want to skip all of the questions down below and just explain what someone needs to effectively matrix/ar interact https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ 

Some form of visual interface (glasses, contacts, goggles, cybereyes) with "image link" are needed to see AR, even with an implanted Commlink I think.

  1. Unless you have a DNI? Which is used to connect somehow differently than visual/audio, but matrix style and you zip your consciousness into AR.. or is it the matrix?

2)How does "smart link" work?

3)Commlinks are used to interact with the AR(augmented reality?) I believe.

she has an implanted Transys Avalon Commlink (6e p267), as an example, I believe it comes with something called a "simrig" already.

4)What exactly does a simrig do?

5)How do people normally do audio? I imagine commlinks are like a thing you wire or wirelessly plug in visual and audio devices for things I would do on my phone in real life, but virtually. Do I need a Shadowrun equivalent of Bluetooth headphones if I don't want cyberears?

6)Also, I believe they need a Cyberjack. At the moment she has a Used Rating 6 Cyberjack written down.

Cyberjacks and cyberdecks. I get these two things a bit mixed.... Is a deck literally just a keyboard and the jack is like a computer? And the deck let's you use the matrix without jumping in?

7)Both commslinks and decks have program slots. How are these utilized?

8)What about things like data taps, satlinks, and bio readers?

9)Bioreaders seem like a thing a lot of people use for more than actually reading people's fingerprints and stuff.

10)What would a subvocal microphone be installed on?

11)How about sim modules? It says these are required for "hot-sim".

12)Trodes? These things give you a DNI "connection". Is this all you need to DNI, or does it work in conjunction with something else?

13) Are skill Jacks/the knowsofts and linguasofts something that most people use, or is it a decker thing?

14) do Deckers carry around jammers/headjammers (what's the difference?)?

Thanks folks, any individual or multitude of questions you answer are very much appreciated. If you think of anything else to help me wrap my head around the whole concept you'd be forever memorialized as a hero in my shadowverse.

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